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This summer, I’m biking cross-country to benefit the affordable housing cause with Bike & Build. On May 26, I’ll be biking with about 30 other individuals from VA Beach, VA to Cannon Beach, OR as we support affordable housing organizations through fundraising and build days.

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What If Famous Rappers Rapped About Passover?

A few lyrics from famous rappers about Passover

(Hint: it’s better if you imagine the actual rapper saying these lines)



“Mazel Tov to my carb loving bitches

I make em shiksa laugh so hard, leave ‘em all in stitches

But I’m passing over them like Moses on the land,

Spread those legs apart with the wave of my hand”


Lil Wayne

“Passover is over so I’ll keep making that bread

She love the rye so I give her my head

She’s not religious but she will be in bed

‘oh lord, oh lord’ is what she said

I pass over to pass out and pass over her again

Cause I keep pouring the milk and honey til she gone say ‘when’”

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Best part of the Grammys.

Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons

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Jimmy Fallon & Selena Gomez Cover “Mario Kart Love Song”

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